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Supermarket Fixtures and Shelving

Our range of metal fixtures and shelving are specially designed for supermarket and retail usage. Expert product designers and engineers have ensured high-quality metal at a low-cost for profit-maximisation and a great ROI% on your fixtures. Displaying products in a visually appealing manner without hindering workflow of employees is a tough balance, but using Retail Fixtures Australia will aid in this solutions. Our collection of shelving, gondolas and hooks are manufactured precisely to increase sales and product attractiveness.


Balancing Efficient Stock Control with Product Attractiveness

How can you display products in a visually appealing way without decreasing the efficiency of your stock control? The answer comes down to two major aspects. Firstly, using categorical logistics to direct customers to aisle by aisle assortments of products whilst allowing stock management to occur at frequent intervals. By separating products into categories that can easily be understood by consumers, you will not only decrease bottlenecking but increase sales of sought-after goods. You can manage stock in a segment by segment basis, and never lose track of quantity or location of your goods.

Secondly, using fixtures that suit the display and storage needs of your goods. Using hang rails and hooks, when necessary, will amplify the aesthetics of your supermarket and also create an easier storage system for stock management. Metal fixtures, such as those we make at Retail Fixtures Australia, provide customisable, interchangeable storage solutions that will cater to and match the needs of your supermarket.