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Retail Fixtures and Racking

Our range of retail fixtures, racking, joinery and shopfitting solutions are designed to directly impact efficiency and help you maximise profits. Retail Fixtures Australia is a leading supplier of racks, shelves, kiosks, stands, counters and gondolas. Australian designed and distributed, our constantly developing range of products will enhance your displays and directly impact sales performance.

Our Retail Fixtures Services

We deliver straight to you! Regardless of the size of your order, we offer Australia wide shipping with a quality guarantee. Throughout your customer journey, from the moment you open the website, our team is ready to help from design of your retail fixtures right through to final installation and certification. Customer Service is available from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

Some important points to consider when choosing your retail fixtures

  1. Safety. Most retailers have a variety of products in different weights, sizes and shapes which need to be displayed well from a retail point of view but also protect public safety. Consideration should be given to weight capacity of shelves, types of hooks, shelf wire fronts where required, heavy duty racking for bulk storage.
  2. Focal Points: The use of feature fixtures such as display boxes, promo ends and feature walls are important to draw customers into store.
  3. Impulse Fixtures: Should be placed strategically in store especially around POS and service counters to increase sales.
  4. Service counters/areas: Adequate space for customers to complete transactions via Point-of-Sale Fixtures and for staff to move customers through the purchase efficiently is imperative to good return and to avoid bottle necking in peak trading periods.












Beginning as a sketch on our product designer’s table, each and every one of our products have been passed through multiple hands, from designers to engineers to quality experts. We design fixtures and shop fittings specifically for retail purposes, all with the purpose of maximising the potential profits of our clients. Our origins date back to G.H. Burton Metalworks who began trade in 1953, fabricating metal shopfittings and fixtures for renowned clients such as Bunnings. We pride ourselves on a timely and unproblematic manufacturing and distribution service. We will assist you with any enquiries you may have; our knowledgeable customer service, sales and delivery teams will save you time and money on your next store project, Australia wide.


Mark Willmot, Banjos Bakery

Really honest. Good communication. Good outcomes.

Roger Bade, Bade Ness Rural

This has really improved the flow of our store.

Dan Richards, The House of Golf

We certainly met our goals with retail fixtures.


Our range of fixtures and shop fittings are made from high-quality metal and are easily recycled. Metals in general are more easily recycled than plastics. This is due to the nature of their chemical structure. Different types of plastic resins are often combined in manufacturing processes, which makes recycling them more difficult. Here at Retail Fixtures Australia, we make a conscious effort to keep our environmental impact as minimal as possible. We offer a recycle policy with no expiration date! Contact us when replacing fixtures and we will collect and recycle them for you!