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Automotive Shop Fixtures

Our range of shelving and fixtures is designed to cater for a diverse range of products and displays. Our metal fixtures are specifically designed to bear large amounts of weight whilst also giving maximum product exposure. Optimising your displays to be both accessible and aesthetically pleasing, Retail Fixtures Australia are the one stop shop for all automotive shops, stores and outlets.

How to Merchandise Big and Bulky Products

Sorting and general product handling of medium sized, large and bulky goods is complex, then you must consider the merchandising problem, how do we sell these products? Some products will sell themselves, however displays and effective shelving and racking solutions are necessary. Simply placing the large goods in the most convenient places for staff is far from the ideal selling strategy. Use metal fixtures to separate products categorically, with heavier goods located closer to the floor, to allow for easy customer browsing and selection. Large and bulky products should have a ‘hero’ example on display, providing maximum impact for otherwise neglected goods. Items that are likely to be impulse purchases should be placed close to service counters and points of sale; smaller, cost-effective items, whereas larger scale goods can be placed further away from services points. Using custom fixtures for your auto shop will free you up to make the merchandising changes required with an ever-changing selection of goods on display. Using wall-mounted shelving and hooks will open up your retail space and maximise the amount of area for product showcasing.