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Back of House Storage Racks and Shelving

Hospitality, entertainment and accommodation venues all have different storage needs to suit both employees and customers. When thinking about organising your venue’s storage and accessibility, simplify your back of house and dry store storage with Retail Fixtures Australia’s metal racking and shelving. Retail Fixtures Australia’s one stop shop for fixtures, shelving, racking and more offers a variety of storage solutions that are durable, robust and an almost limitless lifespan. Floor space is not easy to come by in venues and so utilise height in your storage spaces with our shelves and racking options. Retailers, venue managers and owners alike must consider the logistical side of their back of house storage and balance it against cost. We offer high quality, cost-effective metal fixtures that you can choose from to suit your exact needs and necessities.

How To Make The Most Of Small Spaces

  1. Think of space as 3 dimensional. Don’t just worry about square meterage of your floor space when considering your storage options, think vertically. We have helped many clients reinvent their storage spaces by offering racking and shelving that allows for vertical storage whilst not impacting accessibility.
  2. Inward facing storage. Reduce cluttering and unused space by having inward facing storage in your back of house or dry store. Minimising the walking space and having all shelves placed on the outer edges of the space will make goods retrieval easier for employees whilst also maximising the amount of space occupied.
  3. Larger racking is your friend. Many venues are scared to place their large boxes in with their smaller goods. We believe this to be a huge mistake! Large boxes can be a burden to store, but they are also a very efficient means of stockage, both inbound and outgoing. The logistical nightmare of an array of smaller boxes can cause frustration for many venue managers and so the simple solution of using strong metal racking is almost incontestable.