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Warehouse Fixtures and Racking

Get all your warehouse racking and fixture needs from the Retail Fixtures Australia one-stop shop. 4 tonne pallet and cantilever racking solutions are available.
Store and organise your goods with maximal efficiency using our range of solid metal fixtures, designed to bear heavy loads and remain robust and solid.

How to Efficiently Stock a Warehouse

The best warehouse is one that is optimised for workflow and the fastest order fulfillment time. It is important to consider both inbound and outbound shipments, returns and also overflow. Using well designed metal fixtures is pivotal to achieving both efficient but also perpetual workflow solutions. Multi-tier and pallet racking are designed for weight bearing and so need to be as sturdy as possible whilst taking up minimal amounts of precious warehouse space. It is important to minimise aisle space whilst allowing for forklifts and other warehouse equipment. Similarly, the reduction of open space is equally important. Look for space behind, above or below your products to locate potential storage options. Cantilever racking is an alternate solution that supports different warehouse logistics. Using Retail Fixtures Australia, we can fulfill all of these warehouse optimisation needs at a low-cost with durable metal fixtures.

Organising a warehouse to suit workflow needs takes more than just numerically or categorically sorting products onto shelves. Placing more commonly ordered items closer to receiving and shipping lanes will save valuable time in your warehouse and will not hinder your logistical arrangements. Our metal fixtures will optimise both your packing space and receiving bays, increasing efficiency and maximising profits.

Safety is one of the most important considerations when planning a warehouse. Between health and safety requirements and machinery operation, placing fixtures and racking at appropriate distances and heights is an ever-important choice. Follow this link to WorkSafe for clarification on warehousing related considerations Transport, logistics and warehousing - WorkSafe.